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Shopstyle Applications OnSugar - SECRETS REVEALED!!


Say you've made a killing short-selling credit swaps. And you're in love. And you want to propose... OnSugar!

Create a new site

Open the "page" section of the theme template.

This is where the magic happens.

Now go to ShopStyle and put together a nice set of products

I've used a search for "diamond ring" and selected a few filters (price and brand, in this example).

Compose an AJAX request using the data from URL on ShopStyle

Executing this will give you an array of search results. You can see how this code is used below.

Write a bunch of code

Copy and paste your app into the theme editor

Click "Save."

Style the app by editing the theme CSS

Click "Save."

Now find out if there is such a thing as love

Demo: http://howcanitellyouiloveyou.onsugar.com/


Dress Like Brian Sugar


Remember your values: consistency, nonchalance, charm, and effortlessness.

Demo: http://tacothursday.onsugar.com/


You paid what for that?


Seriously. Are you INSANE!?

Thanks to Allison for the idea!

Demo: http://youpaidwhatforthat.onsugar.com/


Google App Engine Recipe for the Shopstyle API


I've ported the Gifts app onto the Google App Engine as an easy way to get started building applications with the full Shopstyle API.

Demo: http://shopstylegifts.appspot.com/

You can find the code here.



Outfit Maker


I am not a developer (anymore), but I wanted to play one on the internet. Phil helped. A lot.

Random Outfits uses different ShopStyle filters to display only items on white backgrounds. We grouped them by types, and added a previous and next button in order for you to customize your outfit.



Demo: http://randomoutfits.onsugar.com/


Guessing Game


DoYouKnowWhoIAm uses the OnSugar Getty image search to test your knowledge of celebrities, socialites, and the inexplicably famous.

Demo: http://whoami.onsugar.com/


Shopstyle API Example


Gifts uses the OnSugar Shopstyle API proxy to suggest tasteful gifts for your loved ones. Documentation on the Shopstyle API can be found here.

Demo: http://gifts.onsugar.com/


OnSugar API Example


WTH uses the posts method of the API to pull a random title, then display it in a gigantic font. To use it, just copy the source code into the "Page" section of your theme.

Demo: http://wth.onsugar.com/


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